It’s hard to recollect those times when education was considered something trifling. People crave for knowledge – and it’s impossible to find disadvantages in this desire. In such a way, a pretty inspiring number of people are absorbed with books that allow them to get familiar with brand new things, get inspiration, and generate innovative ideas. When we mix this wish for knowledge with its powerful presentation on the Internet, we will certainly get a perfect result. More and more engaged people that will produce more and more stunning results. For this reason, we want to present this small collection of website templates for education and books that will impress your imagination.

HTML Templates: Why Choose Them to Build Your Education & Books Website?

To cut a long story short, all website templates presented in this selection are designed taking into consideration the latest web design trends. Thanks to a fully-responsive design, all of them will be rendered perfectly on all possible devices. This means that it doesn’t matter what gadget your visitors are going to use – in all cases, they will experience a visually-attractive and captivating website. Furthermore, these amazing themes also include a wide range of pre-made HTML pages that will make it possible to showcase various aspects of your activity in the most stylish way ever. Finally, you can take advantage of various additional options as a live search, contact form, newsletter subscriptions, and various widgets.

Make sure that people will become even more interested in taking up education and reading books together with these incredible templates. With the help of this powerful blend of the content-oriented and attractive design and diverse functional tricks, you can reach out to various people. So, let’s influence people with your website! Come and grab your stunning template from this list right now…


Jonathan Carroll – Incredible HTML Template

An inspirational and innovative template that will allow your readers to discover all positive aspects of your university. By means of diverse header and footer layouts, you will be ready to freshen your online-presentation up, while over 45 HTML pages will make it possible to showcase all needed information. A marvelous live search will give users the opportunity to find it within minutes. Furthermore, with the help of the wonderful contact form, everyone will be able to ask you some questions.

Details |  Demo


Concord School – Stunning HTML Template


Present your game-changing way of teaching by means of this convincing and eye-catching theme. In order to let you present your university with a visualization in mind, this template comes equipped with various types of gallery. In addition to this, you will also get a pretty big number of HTML pages, header and footer layouts, and robust widgets.

Details |  Demo


Campus Life – Excellent HTML Template

A vibrant template that will convince your potential students of choosing exactly your university. With the help of the robust contact form, everyone will be able to get in touch with you in order to ask some questions. Moreover, people can easily subscribe to your newsletter and get updates on your plans and achievements directly on their emails.

Details |  Demo


Paul Adams – Powerful HTML Template


With the help of this exciting minimalist template, you will be ready to share pieces of your creative activity with others on the web. Make use of remarkable HTML pages to make your presentation look well-balanced and engaging. In addition to this, a collection of captivating bonus images mixed with a Parallax Effect will certainly lead you to success.

Details |  Demo

James Brown – Marvelous HTML Template

There is no need to keep quiet about your writing skills – let the world know about your talent! This excellent template includes four blog layouts that will allow you to present your content in a stylish way. Moreover, you can make use of the wonderful eCommerce page template in order to promote your books in the best possible way.

Details |  Demo

Hopefully, some of these themes has already caught your attention. So, if they managed to impress you, they will make others agape with wonder, too. We wish your website to become extremely noteworthy on the Internet and thanks for reading!

Do you want your website to have impressive appearance and performance on desktop PCs? On tablet screens? On smartphones? Yes, you do. In 2017, website responsiveness is an ultimate must-have. If you don’t go for it, you’re likely to lose a portion of your potential clients. Moreover, search giants, such as Google will penalize you and tank you down on SERPs. To help you end up with a website with stunning responsiveness, we bring you a collection of 10 newest Bootstrap WordPress themes.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a widely accepted and loved framework that stands for the adaptive grid of your website. It’s based on HTML 5 and CSS 3 code (including media queries) and provides for the capability of a website to adapt to different screen resolutions. The framework prompts the blocks and other elements of your website resize and rebuild themselves to fit the given screen resolution. It also lets you tweak the way your website displays on smaller screens with a number of options. Being that straightforward, Bootstrap framework is the optimal solution for implementing website responsiveness up to date.

Why Combining Bootstrap & WordPress Is a Good Idea?

Having Bootstrap on board is a great idea, but you still need a CMS to manage your site in a user-friendly dashboard. The pool of options is large. However, WordPress appears to be the favorite. Around 60% of all the CMS website owners go for WordPress, as it’s the simplest and most friendly CMS to use. Moreover, WordPress themes for business let you build a website with a huge array of features. On the plugin market, you’re bound to discover 42,000+ different plugins developed by the third-party enthusiasts.

So, if you go for a template that combines Bootstrap and WordPress, you’ll get a fit-it-all solution, with breathtaking responsiveness, sound functionality and admirable dashboard.

Where to Find Templates that Combine Bootstrap and WordPress?

Finding the themes that marry the latest Bootstrap into WordPress may be time-consuming. Not many providers capitalize on this set. So, looking for a high-quality Bootstrap WordPress theme, you have to turn to the largest template providers that stand for the quality of the products they offer. In this case, it’s hard to pass on TemplateMonster marketplace and its extensive collection of Bootstrap WordPress themes. Every item in their Bootstrap WordPress themes set is built to incorporate the latest web design trends and offer you outstanding functionality.

Today, we share with you the 10 newest Bootstrap WordPress themes of 2017. To explore the items of your liking in depth, check out the links, such as ‘Details’ and ‘Live Demo’, below the screenshots. Have a good journey!

Grant: Business and Consulting Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Opus: Multipurpose Blog WordPress Template for Fashion Industry


Details |  Demo


Maxigen: Breathtaking Hiking WordPress Website


Details |  Demo


Plumbing & Home Maintenance Agency WordPress Site


Details |  Demo


GRAPE: Application Landing Page WordPress Design


Details |  Demo


Apoa: Creative Business WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Max Seo: Digital Marketing WordPress Template

Max Seo:

Details |  Demo


Sunny: Hotel Booking Resposnive WordPress Template


Details |  Demo


Powerman: WordPress Website for Handyman Services


Details |  Demo


Alcazar: Architecture, Construction & Renovation WordPress Site


Details |  Demo

So, you’ve eye-witnessed, how effective the Bootstrap and WordPress work together to shape and structure wonderful websites. Now, it’s time to get your hands-on experience and launch your own online masterpiece. Are you ready for this adventure? If yes, we wish you good luck in building your website with one of the 10 newest Bootstrap WordPress themes!

P.S. Do you want to learn more about the marketplace that provides these great templates? Check out the free e-book that depicts the journey to worldwide success that evolved for more than a decade.