Divi WordPress Theme Review 2022 – Is it worth your money?


In this post-modern era, our everyday tasks are mostly handled through the internet. So, marketing and business have also got their way to deal with the internet. And WordPress has become a fundamental part to build any kind of ECommerce or blogging site. So, the more your website looks professional and arranged, the more business deals you can receive. To decorate and arrange your personal or business profile, a theme is essential and we’ll talk about the best theme and page builder for WordPress, which we call Divi.

When choosing a theme for a project, the first thing anyone wants to check is its facilities. An ideal theme should have bunches of technical facilities to handle different issues. Divi is well known for its uncountable benefits and facilities. Let’s have a look over the complete details of Divi in the below sections.

What Is Divi?


To tell what Divi WordPress theme is in a sentence, it is the most popular theme and WordPress page builder available on the internet. This multi-purpose theme is jammed up with tons of functionalities that help you use it on any kind of website. It is like a complete design framework that will help you to customize A to Z of your project. Also, it will let you enjoy control over every part of your site.

For the first time, the Divi WordPress theme was created in 2013 and launched by Elegant Themes. This has been a familiar product of the community which was first founded by the Founder & CEO Nick Roach in 2008. In the beginning, Elegant Theme worked as a WordPress Theme shop but years after its release, it has become the leading industry in this niche. Though it has been seven years, the Divi WordPress theme was first introduced; the developers are constantly updating it to keep its regularity and updatable service.

Divi, it includes 86 themes in total. But Divi WordPress theme is the most popular one of their whole creations. Because it is packed up with all the features that a user needs to create a functional and beautiful WordPress theme. With this amazing WP product, making a professional web page is very fun and it doesn’t take too much of your time. Besides, you don’t need any line of code or design experience to work with it.

Another unavoidable facility Divi provides is the plugin. Divi Builder is the official name of its plugin that has been popularized in an extensive way. This plugin is used to activate the page builder on your WordPress theme. With Divi Page Builder, you can use Divi sections, rows, and modules to decorate and arrange parts of your website. Besides the Plugin, Divi will also let you use its split testing tools and an unlimited number of content templates.

Divi Overview

To enclose what Divi WordPress theme can do for a website owner is not possible within a few sentences. Divi is like a multifunctional WordPress management system regarding the theme of the page. But if you wish to go for a shortcut and want to know the overview to quickly decide where to try Divi or not, we can highlight the prominent features for you.

Content Editor

Remember the Divi Builder plugin, just talked about a few moments ago? Well, this Divi Builder is the most powerful content editor. It includes drag and drops features with feature-rich editing options.

Split Testing Tools

You can optimize all of your content using the split Testing tools you will get access to use for free with the Divi WordPress theme. You will also need these tools to ensure the highest conversation rates of your site.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is the most powerful plugin that will help you to create custom posts and to design your page. Besides, it is necessary for any type of page customization.


More Themes and Plugins

Whatever you purchase from Divi, you will get lots of free themes and plugins. And all of them are very useful for websites of any type.


Not just these prominent features, but you will enjoy a lot more Divi. The next section is all about the features of Divi that we suggest exploring so that you can don’t make a mistake in your decision.

To get access to hundreds of templates, you have to try Divi. All those templates are customizable and you can use them on any kind of WordPress.

Why Divi WordPress Theme

To say why you should choose Divi, the first thing we should explain is its facilities and features. Have your eyes on the following features points and you will automatically learn about why you should select it.

Excellent Content Template

The enriched template library is one of the best features of Divi. There are over 800 pre-made designs and hundreds of templates available here. You can use any of your favorite Templates to decorate your content with Vidi. Even, there are separate templates that are suitable for respective genres.


Strong Supports

Divi will provide you with very active and strong support and documentation. You will find Divi’s media pages anywhere. They will help you learn tutorials, get assistance, and do anything you want to know about it. 


Divi is known for its easy-to-use interface. It uses a similar approach in comparison to other themes and website builders on the market. Most of the features are comprehensible and provided with relevant guidelines.

Flexible code usage

You can enjoy flexible code usage on Divi. This kind of freedom with an unparalleled navigation system is rare among theme packs. Choose your own or input new ones with confidence.

Tons of Layouts

It offers a lot of layouts and templates in one place. There are numerous preinstalled layouts in its library. The database is always updating and you can also add your custom ones with ease.

Divi Elements and styles


Divi is not just a page builder, it is all you need to design your website. It supports universal elements, themes, and styles. You will feel at home using it as it supports almost all the popular elements and formats.

Check Divi WordPress Theme

eCommerce Abilities

You can make any business website with Divi. And there are a lot of templates and elements for building an e-commerce business. It comes with world-class tools and functionalities that are suitable for handling the project even if you have no prior technical experience.


Ease of Use

User-friendly interface and wide accessibility are the foundation of Divi. It is known for its easy operations and superior support system. Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge about website builders, you will be able to use it without any headaches.

Customization Options

You will be able to edit any content through Divi builder. It offers thousands of pre-installed layouts and templates. Almost all the work can be done by just some editing and arrangement. Besides them, users have options to personalize any element.

Real visual editing

Edit your page with cutting-edge functions. It allows you to design the pages and shows the results instantly. You are free to use any visual content editor to build your professional website. It offers intuitive visual controls that allow creating new designs and customizing the existing ones in real-time.

Full control

Divi will help you to enjoy complete control over your WordPress theme. Every single part of your website will be customized and controlled with Divi and its page builder. That is every to find in any other WordPress theme you may get.

Obviously, these are not all about what Divi includes. But these are the prominent features of this world-class WordPress theme. You must get an idea that such essential features are pretty hard to find in any common WordPress theme.

Divi Theme Builder

Most probably the best feature of Divi is its page builder. It is an essential interface that allows anyone to try to create theme templates and to customize different parts of the page. Besides, the following features will be offered by Divi Page Builder.

• Let you create a custom 404-page template.

• You can build a custom product page template that you need to showcase all your products with it.

• You can design the harder or global menu for the website using this page builder.

• It lets you create the complete theme builder packs very quickly.

• For the archive page, you can also make a template with it.

• You can also build a custom page to visualize the blog posts of your websites.

That’s not all about the Vidi Page Builder. Once you start using this plugin, you will learn how easy it is to use. Besides, to handle the following tasks, there is no easier alternative of Vidi Page Builder available at that much reasonable price.


How to Use Divi WordPress Theme?

Divi is an exclusive theme pack that will not be available on WordPress’s default theme panel. You will have to manually add it by joining the club of Elegant Themes. There you will get your theme in ZIP file format.

It is easy to set the theme into your WordPress panel. Like adding any other theme click on the panel listed as “Appearance”, then on “Themes” – “Add New” – “Upload Theme”. Then it will add it automatically.

After the installation and the activation of the theme, you will be able to access the main settings of the theme. Divi comes with a dedicated menu that can be found in the main sidebar. There will be a link that opens the settings section.


The settings are very comprehensive and users can adjust tonnes of stuff from there. The overwhelming functions and settings might confuse you, but you don’t need to bother about them in the first place.

I will suggest you use the theme pack comfortably and try to know its features. One of the best ways to start is to make a new homepage for your website. I have done the same when I first used it.

It works just the way you want it to be. Create a blank page and assign that as the homepage from “Settings” > “Reading”. Then edit it using Divi Builder. The function of the builder is similar to other popular web builders on the market, such as Elementor and others.

Let’s talk about Divi’s page arrangement structures.


The page comes with many contents. Each page comprises ‘Sections’ which includes one or several ‘rows’ which again contain a number of ‘columns’. These columns are again divided into secular ‘content blocks’.

Just reading these might seem complex but trust me they are very easy. Once you try out Divi for yourself and start working on it you will find out these things on your own. I am providing a sample picture of the structure for your convenience.

Try different styles and arrange as you wish. I call it shuffling with different contents. After a base form of the homepage, you must want to edit them. Start by clicking on the huge button saying “Use the Divi Builder”. This will run the Divi visual builder application and show you building tools soon enough.

Try Live Builder Demo

If you want to follow the easy way, you should choose from the available layouts that are included with Divi. They come as mini boxes. The way to load them is by clicking on the “…” And “+” icons from the foot of the screen.

Post & Product Template Builder


You will find a huge range of layouts just by searching properly. You will have to use them individually to check them out. There are no shortcuts to have a glimpse of the outlooks before loading them on the page.

Well, this should not be a big concern. The phase of choosing a template is something that you need to do once and that is in the starting phases. So, it’s not about losing something or waste of effort. Try them in the first of the phases and that saves you from worrying about losing content and uploaded data.

You can import other layouts with ease. It is a click away from your desired layout from the list and that will be imported instantly.

You can also use a smart feature called “device preview toolbar” which will be located in the rear of the page. It allows you to switch the preview window to phone, desktop, or tablet views. It also lets you have a bird’s eye view of the page.

That toolbar can be used to zoom in and out too. There is another option called “Wireframe view”. You can use that from the rear toolbar and this way you can focus on more than one content block of the page with the settings panel. This is helpful for a large page with a variety of content.


As it is the main builder for Divi, you will have to become accustomed to its interface. From my point of view, it is straightforward and intuitive. It has a smooth and seamless navigation system. You can do anything with the mouse and whenever you move the cursor on the elements available options will show up.

It provides you with unparalleled freedom and convenience. You can check and edit almost anything with just the mouse. It also features standard text processing tools, such as Font selection, size and color adjustments, quote, bold, etc.

About arranging rows and sections, you will get total freedom. You can drag them to any place you see fit on the page.

Divi is not just about pre-installed templates and layouts that you can edit and present as you like. It offers a lot more for making the perfect pages for your


Divi Pricing Plan

You can buy the membership of the Elegant Themes to enjoy their unlimited services including Divi. Besides Divi, it contains over 80 different WordPress themes and 3 different plugins. However, you can buy a membership for only 89$ for a year. But to get a lifetime membership would be more economical as you get it for only 249$.

Once you have a membership identity in Vidi, it will never say no to you. It won’t ask you to pay for detailed functions as it will let you enjoy every single function with a one-time payment. Besides, you can wait for a discount of up to 10% for the yearly fee and 20% for the lifetime membership fee on different occasions like black Friday.


If you don’t like Divi after you have its membership, you can claim the return policy also. But it is only applicable within 30 days after purchase. But it is rare in Vidi’s history that something bought a membership and ended up without just loving it. However, the services for the price don’t need to be highlighted as there is nothing more or less you can enjoy with your membership. You can just get all of what Vidi can provide with the membership identity.

Download Divi WordPress Theme

Support and Documentation

After learning all these about Divi, probably you are thinking about the documentation and support for any unfamiliar situation. Well, Divi has its strong and active support center and documentation.

The documentation of Divi contains tons of video clips that show you if everything is all right or not. Also, you can follow it on the YouTube channel too. Divi had its full support on Messenger and you can get assistance from their representatives anytime you wish. Besides, you can also join their Facebook group where the community is always ready to support and assist you.


Is Divi Theme right for you? 

We have already reached the end. And it’s time for you to think about Divi. You can look for the pros and cons that can help you to have an overview again and to make the right decision.


• Includes powerful theme-building capabilities.

• Provides all essential tools that help you to improve productivity.

• Get all the features here and you don’t need help from any other page builder.

• It is suitable for any kind of Website.

• It is a complete woocommerce supported theme.

• You will enjoy free regular updates and developments.

• Provides strong support and documentation.

• You can get a lifetime membership identity with a one-time payment.

• It is not very much expensive.


• The pages are Integrated with shortcodes that may create problems when removing the shortcodes.

• Incredibly long feature menus can confuse a beginner and make it time-consuming.

• For the extended facilities, it is harder to be the master with a short time of practice.

The cons don’t seem to be harder if you have previous experience in similar cases. Even, extensive features will bring more benefits to customize your page. Again, the pros should have many issues that we afford to include. Once you start using Divi, new and exciting functions will appear regularly.



Once again, it is essential to inform you that this long writing is not even enough to disclose everything about the Divi theme at once. Still, we tried to focus on the prominent parts along with their pros and cons though we wish we could say more. But we can assure you one thing that you will never get disappointed in using this specialized WP theme for your project. 

If you have anything to know just give a knock on the comment section and wait for us to bring back your answer.  We are always thankful to you because of your continuous support. Thank you.

Download Divi WordPress Theme

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