8 Websites to Find Feminine WordPress Themes


When we talk about a feminine WordPress theme, we do not simply limit those themes. You just cannot genderize something so superficial as a website’s template, to be dedicated to a feminine cause solely.

So, what we mean by a Feminine WordPress Themes is that the theme exudes a feminine persona in general, i.e., this definition is more applicable for the aesthetics. It’s only influences surface things such as color schemes, typography, images, layout, etc.

Why Feminine WordPress Themes?

There are plenty of reasons why one would go for a feminine theme for their website. One key reason could be that more than 51% of business firms worldwide are female-owned. Thus feminine WordPress templates could be more appealing to them.

And even if you aren’t aiming to reflect femininity, this particular WordPress theme offers you a light, sophisticated yet soft-looking outlook with more stylistic dimensions for your website. 

Or it could just be that your brand colors lean more towards the feminine side of the color spectrum and feminine themes seem like the convenient choice.

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No matter which aspect of Feminine WordPress Theme designs has landed you here today, stay still because – we can introduce you to some websites that will help you find such themes right away.

Hearten Made

Right off the bat, Hearten Made calls to you with its sophisticated and inviting aura, oozing out shades of beige and earthy browns with an easy-to-navigate homepage that reflects its aims to share feminine digital products.

Hearten Made is a site that can allow you to simply browse themes, resources, blogs, and services with or without signing up for it.

Personally, we’d say that most users will be drawn to a website that jumps straight into business and stays transparent to the tee.

Furthermore, Hearten Made provides How-to tutorials on Setting up WordPress Websites in 5 easy steps, WordPress tips, and Tricks, the process of adding child themes, and much more.

Hearten Made also provides a wide variety of resource links that can help you bring the best out of your website and also gives dedicated support to its users. 

You can also find support for setting up a theme so it’s great for beginners. And lastly, the website lets you even shop for the themes directly from them by simply adding them to your cart and checkout.

Websites to buy Feminine WordPress Themes

Hello You Designs


While Hearten Made seemed like a homely-looking website, Hello You Designs takes a more modern approach when one first enters their client website.

The site’s user-friendly vibe reflects vividly as the first thing that grabs your attention is its sticky menu that shows off its most popular features.

These features contain a versatile gallery of feminine WordPress themes that has the Kadence and Genesis theme collection along with many more, a themes shop to allow you to buy WordPress templates from the site directly.

Also, a library of block collections that can help you integrate your themes with prebuilt sections without needing to replace the entire theme, etc. You can also take a look at some examples provided by satisfied clients in the client showcase section.

This site is so user-oriented that they even offer managed WordPress hosting! You will be getting everything you need in one place and also at affordable prices.

And they even offer freebies if you can get your hands on a password through their dedicated support team or earn yourself some extra cash by becoming a part of their affiliate program if you want.



A combined effort from a husband-wife duo, Bluchic serves as quite the popular brand name when it comes to feminine WordPress themes that they make themselves.

The website is really neat and organized at first glance and this stays steady throughout the whole time you are there, so you can guess that Bluchic is pretty huge on user experience. 

They have served over 30K users since their debut in 2012 and have some really positive testimonials that you could take a look at. 

Other than that, their services entail a 24-hour theme installation plan for $149.00 as well as an all-in-one installation package that can set up your website with a brand new theme, an add-on templates kit and a sales funnel templates kit, all for $247.00 only.

Bluchic also loves to work closely with their clients and has a fun quiz that can help beginners decide on the kind of theme that can work best for them – be it feminine WordPress templates, funnel, or Canva templates.

This handy website also has a blog that might further help you to take your website to its best potential.

Blossom Themes


Blossom Themes is a website that focuses mostly on Feminine WordPress Themes, blogging, and fonts. Entering the website at first, you’d definitely get the “less is more” vibe from them which works great in retaining clients.

They take a rather minimalistic and straight-to-the-point route and one thing that we liked was that they showed parts of theme documentation on the very first page of their website. 

There are tons of client testimonials showing how much people recommend this website to those looking for the perfect WordPress theme with a bit of a feminine flair to top it off.

Blossom themes even have an annual as well as a lifetime membership plan that gives you access to all their premium themes, support, updates, new release access, unlimited domain installation license, etc for $99.00/year or $399.00 for a lifetime respectively.

The site even provides resources and blogs with guidelines for WordPress usage alongside other services such as 24-hour theme installation, website launch and migration package, website building, SEO help, and much more with flawless client support.

MarketWP Themes


MarketWP themes is a website dedicated to WordPress and Squarespace themes. Their homepage is easy on the eyes and easily lets you navigate the platform and browse through their services and features.

Assuming that you are going to the site to look at feminine WordPress themes, just going to the browse themes section would let you filter themes by color, release dates, WordPress Bestsellers, Business and WordPress Coach Themes, etc.

They also let you set a price range that you are willing to work with when you filter out themes that you can directly buy from them.

Like all other websites we have discussed till now, MarketWP Themes also comes with a blog where you can find some really helpful insights on improving the WordPress experience for both you and your audience.

The site also introduces you to some really useful resources such as NinjaForms, Smart Slider, and much more. Also, you can get in touch with them anytime to learn more details about their affiliate program with which you can showcase your own theme on their site and earn some cash if that’s what you’re here for.

Pix And Hue


On Pix and Hue, Louise welcomes creatives to embark on a journey to join hands and come up with DIY Feminine WordPress Themes that lack neither style nor Functions.

Pix and Hue is an attempt to provide the best balance between aesthetics and an effective user experience that really improves your WordPress game.

They use the Elementor page builder to help build the perfect theme for you and also have a large selection of prebuilt feminine themes, featuring the most hyped ones on their homepage itself, all starting for a low price of $149.00.

Overall, the site takes a simplistic approach and goes to show client feedback and real-time work examples about how much of an expert and friendly the Pix and Hue team is.

Working exclusively to provide feminine WordPress templates, this website really speaks to you and tries to take care of your needs with services such as a 24-hour theme installation, a pix and hue theme launch, custom WP theme design, newsletter subscription, and also their affiliate program.

Lovely Confetti


Lovely Confetti takes sleek, fun, and elegant to the next level with their website of black, white, and earthy contrasts meshing together to create a stunning outlook that users fall for at the very first sight.

The site exclusively dedicates itself to putting together some of the Best Feminine WordPress Themes by working closely with clients at the most affordable of prices.

With over 8.6K satisfied users and 6+ years of experience already under their sleeves, lovely confetti has a large gallery that showcases examples of works that they have previously created for their clients.

They have a handy blog on their site that can allow users to take in some useful knowledge regarding design resources, WordPress tutorials, Divi Tutorials as well as some guidelines related to the WordPress Genesis Collection.

Moreover, the site has a popular affiliate program and a free newsletter subscription plan as well as a theme installation service that has all your WordPress website setup needs to be covered once you buy their service and get your work delivered within 3-4 workdays all for a price of $88.91 only.

Restored 316


And last but not least, we have restored 316 with their meaningful name and logo, all of which refers to a transformation in the most positive of manners as per their work motto.

The restored 316 team offers to you exclusive Feminine WordPress Themes both custom and prebuilt, block collections that can be integrated with your current theme as prebuilt or custom sections, funnel templates, and much more.

Furthermore, you can even enroll in their styling course with an instructor dedicated solely to you which can help you take complete control of how to properly style your website to make changes whenever you want. And if you are a beginner, this would work 100% in your favor.

If you are using a theme from the kadence collection, restored 316 can help you out with conversion callouts meaning that you can upload more content, show off your lead magnets, and much more.

With restored 316, you are certain to find the perfect match of a feminine WordPress theme for your website containing meticulous design, detailed documentation, and the friendliest customer experience out there.

To Conclude

So, these are some of the best sources to find your preferred feminine WordPress theme. You’ll get both free and premium items there regarding your project requirements. Pick the most appropriate one and share with us what you feel.