Which PrestaShop theme to choose?


Thanks to today’s oversaturated marketplace of eCommerce solutions, variety abounds. Developing the business in eCommerce can be challenging if you don’t keep an ear to the ground. If you’re thinking of tiptoeing into the world of e-commerce, you need to keep up with the times. Long story short: Nextprest PrestaShop theme is a whole new ball game.

Here’s a reality check: in the modern age when customers have the upper hand, a poor store’s web design is a big miss. Day by day, PrestaShop evolves to new heights with multifunctional solutions for online businesses. Without a doubt, Nextprest heads the list.

Developed multipurpose by nature, Nextprest can cut across different industries such as fashion, furniture, auto spares, and extreme sports clothing. Jam-packed with tons of amazing features and several pre-designed homepage layouts, it puts the power in your hands, without bothering with coding.

Thus, you have Product and Category, and Quick View Pages that you can use to your full advantage. So, once you made up your mind to build an eCommerce website, don’t fret. You’re by no means alone. Having the option to enjoy more than 10 topics on the diverse subject matter, Nextprest is a good thing. At last, keep your website bang up to date with all the upcoming updates that come for free.

What’s Inside?

In modern conditions, when every website tries to stand out, a robust functionality is key to win. At this point, why Nextprest is worth the trouble, in fact?

The powerful JX Mega Layout module is one of Nextprest perks enabling you to get creative with it. Thus, try your hand at building a header, top column, home, and footer blocks hassle-free. Depending on your particular business requirements, Nextprest can help you out. Skill gap should not be a barrier that ties you. Instead, make any changes to the homepage layout, create and place custom blocks, banners, and texts in any position and in any layout. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with Nextprest.

When it comes to the complex menu organization, it’s hard to find a tool that does a better job than JX Mega Menu module. Need to divide the complex menu into categories? No problem. Apart from that, feel free to add banners, links or icons to where you may need it. The better the navigation of your website, the faster and convenient shopping experience for your visitors. As a result, the happier are your visitors, the more effective is your bottom line.

In fact, JX One Click Order module is second to none when it comes to tools that can enhance your selling spree. To be more specific, with the initial purpose to help the user make a split-second purchase, JX One Click Order module saves the day. Thus, it simplifies the purchasing process and saves the user’s time while making an order. As a result, such spontaneous purchases impact your business in a positive way.


Do your pages load in about three seconds even on 2-year-old phones? They should. Otherwise, you miss a large chunk of customers. The best way to achieve that is to take advantage of JX AMP module that improves the functionality of your eCommerce site. By increasing the loading speed of your web pages, Accelerated Mobile Page technology help to provide a compelling, smooth and almost immediately load for users.

JX Blog

With one percent of people creating content and 99 percent consuming it, blogging is a great way to turn the spotlight to your business. Apart from promoting all your bells & whistles, blogging can help you solve your users’ problems. Thus, get creative with it to tell your story in a more engaging way. Integrated inещ Nextprest, JX Blog module allows you to create posts of new arrivals, future collections and what’s more important, to add entertaining images that reinforce your message. At the end of the day, your website becomes more SEO-friendly.

JX Security Pack

It all starts with security. Especially if you’re a newer player on the market, it’s crucial that your online store takes steps to ensure privacy. JX Security Pack (JX Security Panel, JX Security User and JX Security Watermark included) is key to improve your online store’s safety. Increase the level of your e-store protection, block the possibility of publishing content, edit the URL at attempt to copy it, placing a watermark on images, and the like. All in all, having the option to lower the risks of getting vulnerable is always a good thing.  

Take Action

There’s no beating around the bush, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Test the waters of Nextprest to learn how to push your online store forward. Enjoy 20 premium and only the newest versions of modules that are absolute must in order to achieve more that ‘Buy’ clicks. On top of that, Nextprest supports multi-currency, multiple languages, Google Map, Search, Wishlist and Compare blocks, Newsletter Popup and much more. 

Gemskings – The Jewelry Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Gemskings is an elegant and minimalist-looking theme that allows selling your high-quality assortment immediately. Except for the jewelry topic, it encompasses a bunch of other niches, including cosmetics and beauty, electronics, fashion, and many others. Thanks to a fully-responsive design, your site will also be evergreen and continue to attract people who use different devices. The package also has a wide range of modules to boost the functionality of your online project. These include a product comment, blog, wishlist, and others.

Main Features:

  • Top-selling and special products;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Drop-down menu;
  • Multiple languages and currency support;
  • Unlimited banners.

One thing to remember that the comprehensive detailed documentation can help bridge the gap in knowledge and guide through each step of setting up the theme as easy as possible.

So, if you are thinking about starting a business on the right foot, the time is now. Give Nextprest a try if you don’t want to miss out on huge growth potential. Millions of people agonize over on some level while looking for the right eCommerce solution, you’re already one step ahead. So, ponder carefully, what’s your choice – to launch fast, or fail fast?

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