7 Fundamental Reasons That Will Make WordPress Fans Fall in Love With ONE by TemplateMonster


Statistics do not lie. They say that WordPress already powers 33% of online-project all over the web. In other words, there are millions of fans who consider this platform to be the best of the best among other content management systems. TemplateMonster could not stay aside and decided to introduce a brand new subscription service called ONE. It will come in handy to all WordPress lovers for a few main reasons.

1.  An Extensive Selection of WordPress Themes

ONE is ready to provide its subscribers with a wide choice of WordPress business themes. It offers direct access to the best-selling ready-made solutions presented in TemplateMonster Marketplace. Among them, you can find the following one:

  • Monstroid2;
  • JohnnyGo;
  • Imperion;
  • WooStroid2;
  • BeClinic;
  • Chantal;
  • and many-many others.

In addition to this, ONE is perfect for those who adore using Elementor Page Builder. For the reason that it allows downloading multiple WordPress themes that are compatible with this drag-and-drop builder. You can also get a wide range of Jet Plugins that allow realizing different goals.

2. Unlimited Downloads


Do you think that it would be nice to have no limitations in terms of downloading? In this case, ONE is a perfect subscription service that will meet all your expectations. It is absolutely possible to download all the necessary ready-made templates at once. Both newcomers to the world of web development and professional web designers should put a value on this part. In such a way, there is no need to spend time choosing the most appropriate variant. Just get all of them!

3. Save Your Pocket


Some people can find a way to build their online projects without spending a fortune. They are looking for some free web-design resources that can assist them in such a purpose. There is one more category of people who understand that they need to spend money in order to attain high-quality results. Furthermore, it is necessary to buy icons, images, fonts, and other useful components.

When it comes to web developers, they may need to buy all the previously mentioned elements every time they decide to take up a new online project. Thanks to ONE, you can get all the necessary tools at a time and stop worrying about getting different additional instruments. There is no need to pay for them over and over again. Does it sound like an extremely profitable offer to you?

4. Multiple Services That You Can Turn To


Do you face some issues in terms of the template installation? Is there a need to make an existing website have excellent speed and security? Do you think that you will be tired of the process of website customization and hosting search? ONE also provides its subscribers with a huge set of services.

5. ONE as Your Perfect Time-Saver

If you decide to choose ONE, you will not need to wander all over the Internet to find the most well-favored instruments, get familiar with their reviews, and so on and so forth. Download all the items that you are interested in and test them. In such a way, you can understand which one is better to be used on your online project.

6. 24/7 Support

Technical support of TemplateMonster is ready to answer all your questions 24/7. This team of specialists can resolve all your problems.

7. Updates on a Daily Basis


The inventory provided by the ONE subscription is updated on a daily basis. As you can understand, a number of WordPress themes (and ready-made solutions for other platforms, including graphics and plugins) are growing bigger and bigger. You are guaranteed to get the newest products every single day.

If you are ready to get all the benefits provided by ONE, do not lose your time. Become a part of this universe of ready-made solutions here and now. It is really worth your attention!

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