Top 6 eCommerce Web Design Trends for 2022


E-Commerce Web design trends are a glimpse of features and tools that are being used in the industry. The idea is to provide a better user experience to the users and increase the overall efficiency of your website. As a designer, you are always demanded to follow the trends, no matter how creative you are. This is a bit overwhelming situation for designers, but it is ideal to adapt to those trends early. Being aware of the trends is not tricky at all. Just start browsing on your smartphone and you will stumble upon a bunch of fascinating ideas in a while.

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform is facilitates thousands of merchants manifesting and selling their products and services. Recently it comes up with a major update known as Magneto 2 that has made it more efficient than ever. Magento 2 extensions are providing great support to eCommerce websites by making them more flexible and user-friendly. A web design company in Pakistan delivering third-party extensions has to find a way to simplify its interface and to provide more information in the least number of steps. Luckily, 2022 has come up with amazing web design tools and features responsible for grabbing user attention. Let’s take a look at the top eCommerce web design trends for 2022.

Alluring illustrations

Carefully crafted user experience illustrations are widely used to deliver a deliberate message. Illustrations not only support the overall outlook of your website but are a nicer way for users to interact with your website. Talented designers are heading towards portraying real-life panoramas in the shape of amazing 3d illustrations. Illustrations are now among the top mind-diverting elements in a web page leading users to the productive area of the website.


Eye-catching Vintage Styles

A vintage style can be defined as making the design look like it belongs to the early 1960s or 1970s etc. These design styles are very much popular these days and it has some connection with winemaking and early pop culture. To create unique brand identity vintage fonts can fabricate a memorable sophisticated user experience. Vintage designs are often created with a blend of modern design elements to maintain the tendency of colors and texture



A seamless user interface demands the addition of flexible components in your eCommerce website. Chatbots are assisting users to perform the desired actions on your website in a certain way. Their major responsibility is to automate the response function, allowing a user to acquire instant information and solutions against their queries. Chatbots have revolutionized the eCommerce industry through a deliberate approach to managing multiple customer requests. Handling each request manually requires a dedicated individual dealing with queries, feedback, and providing the relevant information to a large number of audiences. Chatbots, on the other hand, are fed with business-related information and upon user requests, it entertains them by providing the price and accurate information.



Interesting and informational videos can generate great customer interaction when placed in the right areas of your website. Video header had been proved to be cost-effective by assisting vendors in many ways. Not only they can illuminate top grossing products in a more dynamic way but can restrain users to explore other areas of your eCommerce website.
Now, videos are being used to define the features or functionalities of an individual product. Video allows users to examine the product from multiple angles and tells them how to properly use the product.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the most advanced approach for providing a magnificent user experience. Now, users have more freedom of virtually analyzing the product as a 3d model. Merchants are offering great leverage to their customers by offering them a highly personalized approach to buying a product. Augmented reality has the potential of revolutionizing the buying habits of online shoppers. Now customers spend less time choosing the product and have more control by comparing and buying the quality products.


Minimal Design

A simple and smooth outlook of a webpage looks fascinating and makes it easy for the eyes to navigate. Minimal design defines the equity of your brand and possible productive areas of your web store look more prominent. Sustaining the connection between multiple components of your webpage is essential because a customer may feel arduous if elements in parallel are not creating any sense. Though there are numerous call-to-action buttons related to each product in an eCommerce store, the minimal design focuses on making the product easily searchable and appealing to the buyer’s subconscious mind.


Final Verdict

The trend in web design varies with changing user preferences. It’s quite daunting for designers to resonate with them. Instant adaptation has its own advantages as users get more inclined towards modern content and new ideas. If you are new in the eCommerce industry, then try to prioritize these trends, though your main focus should be maintaining an excellent user experience in your web design.


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